Seller Information

Starting your own business? Want to market your existing business to new clientele? Just cleaning out your garage? Then Lakeland Outdoor Market is the place for you!

Price: Saturday FREE
Sunday: $ 25.00 per space

Spaces: Available on the day of the market (arrive between 6:00-7:00 am)

Size: Sizes vary but many spaces are 20 x 20 and are large enough to park your vehicle
(Most spaces are reserved in advance. Contact the manager for availability)

Storage: Steel storage containers are available on a monthly rental basis
(Availability is limited and prices vary)

Set Up Time: Between 6:00 and 7:00 am

Tear Down: About 2:30 pm

Permits: All vendors that sell more than 2 times per year must obtain a free sellers permit from the State Board of Equalization: The address on the permit must read:
Lakeland Outdoor Market 33100 Vail Street Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
For more information visit the following website:

Permits For Food Vendors: Produce vendors and sellers of prepackaged foods must acquire special permits through the Riverside County Environmental Health Department.
For more info visit:
Note that the sale of hot and/or prepared foods is not allowed nor is the sale of hot or cold beverages without written permission from Lakeland Outdoor Market.

LOM Vendor Rules

1. Vendors must be at least 18 years old to sell, or be accompanied by an adult
2. Repeat vendors must have a Sellers Permit in the name of Lakeland Outdoor Market
3. Sellers of produce or prepackaged food items must carry applicable health permits
4. No unauthorized vendors in parking lots or on the street. All sellers must rent a space within the selling area
5. No possession of fire arms or other weapons
6. No outside alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises
7. No pets (except service animals)
8. No bicycles, skateboards, or scooters to be ridden on the grounds
9. No refunds, rain checks, or exchanges for another day
10. No sub-leasing of spaces or storage containers
11. Reserved spaces are held until 7:00 am and then will be re-rented to other vendors
12. Sellers must be set up by 7:30 am
13. All vendors must pay their space rent by 9:00 am (cash only) except for monthly vendors
14. Monthly vendors must pay one month in advance, due on the last Sunday of the prior month
15. Vendors must sell at least until 2:00 pm on Sundays
16. Adhere to 5 mph speed limit
17. No selling of hot or prepared food
18. No selling of cold drinks
19. No cutting open of produce
20. No selling of unpackaged or home-packaged food or beverage items
21. No counterfeit or pirated merchandise
22. Vehicles may not be parked for sale in the parking lot or on the street
23. No stolen or other illegal merchandise
24. No selling of the following items: firearms, knives, pepper spray, ammunition, martial arts, weapons, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, pornographic or adult-themed materials, fireworks, games of chance/raffles/lotteries, fortune telling, palm reading, biorhythms, spiritual counseling, handwriting analysis.
25. No excessive noise such as loud music, or the running of tools or machinery.
26. No music allowed with offensive or inappropriate lyrics as deemed by management
27. Canopies & tarps must be strapped down with a 25 lb. weight on each leg
28. Displays, poles, signs, and certain merchandise should also be strapped down
29. Clean up your space at the end of the day. If you don’t sell it, you must take it home.
30. Do not use the LOM dumpsters. They are not for vendor use.
31. Electrical power is not provided to any vendor spaces. The use of extension cords must be approved by the management
32. Vendor refund/exchange/return policies must be posted in clear view for Shoppers. Vendors should provide a receipt for valuable items sold, complete with date, vendor name, and space number.

Lakeland Outdoor Market reserves the right:

 to refuse vendor space to anyone.
 to inspect all vendor merchandise
 to relocate vendors to another space as needed
 to verify and make copies of vendors’ Seller’s Permits or County Health Permits

Liability and Risk:

Lakeland Outdoor Market does not provide liability insurance for its vendors. Its owners, employees, and subcontractors are to be held harmless from any injury or damages caused to persons or their property due to a vendor’s actions or as a result of items sold by its vendors. Vendors must have their own liability insurance and are responsible for any injuries or damages, either to persons or property, caused by their actions or by their merchandise sold.
Lakeland Outdoor Market is not liable, and assumes no responsibility, for any loss or damages to a vendor’s vehicles, merchandise, or personal property. Vendors are required to carry their own property insurance.